Polenta Valpadana

Azienda valpadanahas specialized in the production of ready-to-use white and yellow polenta in various formats since 1983.
Polenta is a typical dish from the Veneto region which has remained rooted to our culture for years. Indeed, our company has its headquarters in the province of Padua.
However, in recent years, with consumers who have become more conscious of the nutritional aspects and quality of products, polenta has begun to enlarge its horizons, consolidating its presence in central and southern Italy, and also increasing its market in northern Europe.
Polenta is a low-fat dish, ideal for those who are particularly conscious of its nutritional aspects, with 0,30 g of fat per 100 g, and because it has a maize base, it is also naturally gluten-free.

Even though we use advanced machinery for our production, packaging and quality control, we focus on maintaining the high quality of our products by retaining traditional cooking methods in order to maintain the natural flavour of maize.
In addition to traditional polenta, available in all its various formats, as well as flavoured with mushrooms, tomatoes, or cheese, the company has begun to produce fresh gnocchi with fresh potatoes and gnocchi alla romana, produced using fresh, authentic raw materials. The company has also been certified for over 10 years to produce organic polenta, and in collaboration with some important companies, for example, Carlo Crivellin SRL (www.carlocrivellin.com), we produce our own line of traditional potato gnocchi and fresh pasta, as well as a large variety of different flour and breads.